What is a minimum deposit to open a share dealing account?

Minimum deposit for account opening is 500 USD.

I made a request for share dealing account' registration, but I didn't receive a confirmation letter. Why?

Probably it's happened through the incorrect settled spam-filter that blocks letters from GTTC.trade. It's better to use verified services like GMAIL while registration and do not use free e-mail address services.

What if I don’t have so much money to start trading on Forex?

Actually, the suggestion you need a big sum of money to work at Forex market is one of the main misleading. Today, the minimum requirements for initial deposit are becoming appropriate for each market participant. And, it is possible to trade on Forex market even if You have a small sum of money. You may get acquainted with GTTC Trade conditions on the page “Trading terms and conditions”. Besides that all Forex market’ traders are using the leverage as one of the instrument that allows to operate sums which are higher than the proprietary funds.

Who can be a GTTC Trade' client?

Both personal customers and legal entities can be the GTTC Trade’ clients. Please, pay your attention that only the persons of majority age may be the company’ clients.

The field “Balance” on trading platform become lightened with a red color. Why?

It means it's time for Margin Call in your account. Margin Call - is a notification that a small sum of money is left on your share dealing account. And, in case of unfavorable market move, it may happened a stop-out procedure. This notification is shown in the moments, when the share dealing account’ balance is equivalent to a definite percent of margin (e.g. 30%). Due to this, You need to deposit or close some of adverse positions to avoid a stop out.

What is the spread?

Spread - is a difference between financial instrument' sale price (ask) and purchase price (bid) at the same point of time.

Which types of deposit / withdrawal are provided by GTTC Trade?

You may get more information on deposit / withdrawal methods on the page “Deposit and Withdrawal of funds”.


The company doesn't provide services to the citizens and the residents of the United States, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, Yemen, Singapore, Sudan, Iran, Japan

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