There is one click in the trading terminal
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How to start trading

Deposit your accountDeposit your account

Deposit your account with a real money on the platform. We accept funds in more than 20 popular payment systems.


Use any available shares and assets, choose from 1000 names. You can trade the news through the technical analysis of the platform.

Withdraw fundsWithdraw funds

Get profit and withdraw it quickly without any commission to your e-wallet or to your personal payment card.

You can work with any device

OC Mac

OC Mac

Mavericks or updated



7.0 or updated



XP or updated



4.0 or updated

Instant executionInstant execution

It's a type of orders' instant execution by Forex broker.

Deposit without commissionDeposit without commission

The company doesn't withdrawal fee for funds' adding to the clients' accounts. It concerns all the accounts.

We are trustedWe are trusted

GTTC TRADE - a leader in the online trading industry.
More than 10000000 clients are trusting us.

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Global trade all over the world

Traders from more than 150 countries

Registered accounts
Registered accounts
Online traders
Online traders

The company doesn't provide services to the citizens and the residents of the United States, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, Yemen, Singapore, Sudan, Iran, Japan

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