1. A formal request shall be provided by the Client in order be initiated by the Company. For a withdrawal request to be approved, the Client affirms his/her account does not have outstanding dues, he/she has followed the Company's policies, and the trading account must not have any ongoing trades or by the terms of risk management with additional signed agreement. For such request in line with the Company's Bonuses, the Client must comply with the Bonus Guidelines set herein.
  2. The client may, at any time, withdraw funds from the account by submitting a written request to Company. The amount requested must be available funds, with available funds subject to the current margin requirements of open positions. Company, at its discretion, elect to withhold payment (or deduct an amount from it, as applicable) if:
    • Open Contracts show notional losses;
    • The relevant funds may reasonably be required to meet future Margin requirements due to underlying market conditions;
    • The Client has any contingent liability to Company in respect of any other Account;
    • There is an unresolved dispute between Company and the Client in connection with this Agreement or any related contract.
  3. When a client is applying for withdrawal amount more than 90% of the existing balance of the account, company has the right to consider this action as closing a trading account. In this case, client undertakes to comply with paragraphs of the Bonus Policy (p. 19).
  4. In case of using the bonuses in his trading account, the client may not withdraw the generated profit on his account without completing the required conditions and trading volume.
  5. After applying an application for withdrawal by the client, this application is reviewed and processed within 48 hours, the receipt of funds to the client takes from 1 to 7 working days.

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