It's necessary to use financial instruments to trade successfully and to get a high profit

Existing types of financial instruments are as follows:


Today trading with the currency is the most liquid since a great part of the deals are concluded for it. The key advantage of the work with a currency is an accessibility 24/7. The market opens on Monday and closes on Friday in the late evening. You can work without limits any working day.


The work with shares is important for traders and has its particularity which should be taken into account as it considerably differs as compared to the work with currency, metal, futures and other types of assets.

Oil and Gas

In recent times the attention to it is increased initially through the oil that fulfilled a dive in price from 100 to 50 USD.


The most popular assets in this field is a gold, platinum and silver. Online platforms allow to trade precious metals both on a long-term basis and with short-term contracts.


The work with the stock market indexes is important is in trade instrument’ capacity since it gives the benefits which other assets’ types don’t have. Particularly the trader is permitted the opportunity for more dotty work. There are prodigious number of the indexes.


For the hundred of years the people trade in wheat, corn, sugar, oil etc. The main feature of such assets is in its physical existence.


The most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and EOS (EOS). Most commonly, the cryptocurrencies’ quotations show the current value indicated in US dollar (USD).


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